equality e‧qual‧i‧ty [ɪˈkwɒlti ǁ ɪˈkwɑː-] noun [uncountable]
when all people are treated in the same way and have the same opportunities:

• Young women are insisting on career equality

equality of

• We believe in equality of opportunity

ˌracial eˈquality
when people of different races are treated in the same way and have the same opportunities:

• the Commission for Racial Equality

* * *

equality UK US /ɪˈkwɒləti/ noun [U]
a situation in which men and women, people of different races, religions, etc. are all treated fairly and have the same opportunities: »

She works as an adviser on equality and diversity at the Institute of Personnel and Development.


We want to see equality and justice in the workplace.

promote/campaign for/fight for equality »

The 2005 law was intended to promote equality for all Californians, regardless of sexual orientation.


gender/racial/social equality


equality of rights/treatment/access

equality for sb »

The Iowa Constitution has lived up to its promises of equality for everyone.

equality between sb and sb »

The principle of equality between foreign and domestic investors needs to be adhered to more closely.


equality policies/laws/legislation

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